Future and Kanye West Dropped ”Keep It Burnin” New Music & Video In Celebration of “ I NEVER LIKED YOU” Album Release

    Future’s ninth studio album, “I Never Liked You,” has been released, and with it comes a video for “Keep It Burnin,” his latest collaboration with Kanye West. This will be Future and Kanye West’s initial formal collaboration since 2014’s “I Won” 

    Kanye West and Future -HipHopUntapped

     On Friday, April 29th, 2022, the album  “I Never Liked You” was released. The video, directed by Rick Nyce, incorporates lines from West, who appears in the music video with his face hidden and both dressed in all-black in a dim light building. 

    As he discusses his separation from his ex-wife Kim Kardashian and his political aspirations such as being president. Ye can also be seen busting out several dancing techniques throughout the video.

    Kanye West and Future -HipHopUntapped

    “Keep It Burnin” was written for Kanye West’s “DONDA 2” album, which Future produced. The song had been included on an earlier iteration of the album, which was released in February on Ye’s $200 Stem Player but was quickly removed after the “Donda 2” release. The reason for the track’s exclusion became obvious this week when it surfaced on the album “I NEVER LIKED YOU,” which was released on all streaming services on April 29th.

     Gunna, Kodak Black, Tems, Drake, EST Gee, and Young Thug are among the artists featured on the 16-track project. Following Future’s last album “High Off Life,” debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200, which premiered on May 15, 2020. Making it “I NEVER LIKED YOu” Future’s first solo album in almost two years.

    Future -HipHopUntapped

    Future – I NEVER LIKED YOUAlbum Track List:

    7:12 PM 


    KEEP IT BURNIN (Ft. Kanye West) 

    FOR A NUT (Ft. Gunna & Young Thug) 



    WAIT FOR U (Ft. Drake & Tems) 



    CHICKENS (Ft. EST Gee) 


    VOODOO (Ft. Kodak Black) 

    HOLY GHOST Lyric


    I’M ON ONE (Ft. Drake) 


    Kanye West and Future -HipHopUntapped

    Future- ”Keep It Burnin” featuring Kanye West Lyrics:

    [Intro: Future]

    Shit, we gon’ do this shit right

    Get in first-line, let it take off

    You made it brine then I take off

    [Chorus: Kanye West & Future]

    Cross me so much, I got nails in my hand

    City on fire

    City on fire (Last time, yeah, yeah)

    City on fire (I got you)

    (ATL Jacob, ATL Jacob)

    [Verse 1: Kanye West]

    Comin’ from the ‘Raq, the home of the drillers

    I’ma buy a home next to your home if I miss you

    Rubbin’ on your ass, but your mouth is the issue

    When you run for ’24, I bet your spouse gon’ be with you

    Who put this together? Me, that’s who

    “We did it, Joe,” but what they really do?

    Save the pep talk, and the TED Talk (Ye)

    I’m ’bout to set it off (Ye), I’m ’bout to set it off (Ye)

    Somebody said he off (Ye), well, let me get this off (Ye)

    Visionary thoughts (Ye) ‘fore I could barely talk (Ye)

    Mind runnin’ laps (Ye) ‘fore I could barely walk (Ye)

    They say we never make it (Ye), that’s what you thought (Ye)

    [Chorus: Kanye West & Future]

    Cross me so much I got nails in my hand

    City on fire (Yeah, Pluto)

    City on fire (Yeah)

    City on fire

    Cookin’ out the Pyrex

    City on fire (Never had a doubt on the shit but I told you)

    City on fire (Nigga, I’ma bring it, I’ma, ah, ah)

    City on fire

    [Verse 2: Future]

    Cookin’ out the bowl, tryna scrape out the paint

    One day I was high, had to pour the whole pint

    Woke up in the sky, same money from the bank

    I’ll take it wrapped in plastic, accept anything

    Cut up the dark with the fetti, nine times

    Doped up today like I got ninety-nine lives

    Blood on my money, see the blood in my eyes

    LaFerrari, bando, two at a time

    Every time I fuck, you gotta tell me it’s mine

    Sinnin’ again, I’ve been winnin’ again

    Tray done got shot, he back spinnin’ again

    Ridin’ with the fire, bitch ain’t never gon’ see

    Walkin’ in the day one in the head is a must

    Dark in my flesh, say it run in my cup

    Rose gold like a Band-Aid over my cut

    Tailored in plush and covered up all this kush

    [Verse 3: Kanye West]

    Cross me so much, I got nails in my hand

    City on fire, like Bethlehem

    Testin’ my faith and I fell in a trance

    Blessings on blessings, they fell in my hand

    Comin’ from the ‘Raq, we the home of the drillers

    Comin’ from the hundreds, you got change for a billion?

    Comin’ for the house, real change in a minute

    When I run for ‘24, I know my spouse better be with me

    Hundred feet tall when I stand on the business

    Look at how we did everything we intended

    You don’t want no tension, boy, you just want attention

    I’ma pop up at your house if you pop up in my mentions

    [Verse 4: Future]

    Got a bando, count money with a MAC

    Seen too much violence, done seen too much death

    Bodies on bodies, got a gang full of them

    Raised by gangsters, prostitutes and pimps

    Visit my grandmother in prison on Sunday

    Talk in third person, won’t admit it if I done it

    Money like Sage in my house, keep it burnin’

    Money like Sage in my house, keep it burnin’

    [Outro: Kanye West & Future]

    City on fire

    Money like Sage in my house keep it burnin’

    City on fire

    Money like Sage in my house keep it burnin’

    City on fire

    City on fire

    City on fire

    Money like Sage in my house keep it burnin’

    Shit, we gon’ do this shit right, I got ya

    First-line, let it take off

    Cross me so much I got nails on my hands

    City on fire

    Future -HipHopUntapped

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