Snoop Dogg & October London Released “Death Row Summer ” Single “Touch Away” 

    Snoop Dogg has returned with a whole new album and a vintage West Coast preview. 

    Snoop Dogg’s impact and significance as an artist are indisputable as one of the rappers who popularized West Coast rap in the 1990s and took it to a global reach.

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     Snoop Dogg had accomplished it all, from legendary tracks to brand deals such as 7-Eleven, Adidas, Chrysler, Colt 45 EA Sports, and expertise in monitoring the recent hip-hop business moves, such as taking over the NFT world along with the MetaVerse.

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    Last year’s BODR  (an abbreviation for Bacc On Death Row), had big name features such as DaBaby, Nas, Nate Dogg, Lil Duva, The Game, T.I., Wiz Khalifa,  Uncle Murda,  and Sleepy Brown. . It is the G-funk rap superstar’s most recent full-length record. 

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    October London, R&B vocalist, and longtime Snoop Dogg music colleague.  You can listen to some of their previous hits such as “Coming Back” “Go On,” “Snoopy Don’t Do,”  “Revolution,” “Last name,”  “In the Name of Jesus,”  and “Waves.”

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    October London has collaborated with Snoop Dogg on a new song titled “Touch Away.”  In the new track “Touch away Snoop Dogg reflects on his influence and his smart entrepreneurial business moves inclinations over a Dr. Bombay, Kanobby, and Soopafly West Coast soundtrack.

    Snoop Dogg-October London-HipHopUntapped

     Which went perfectly with October London’s heartfelt melody. The release of the new song corresponds with the release of an upcoming Snoop Dogg album called “Death Row Summer.”

    Snoop Dogg & October London “Touch Away” Lyrics:

    [Intro: Snoop Dogg]
    Death Row Records
    What, y’all thought we was gone?
    We back on
    Uh, right back in your motherfucking ass
    Twenty twenty twenty-two two two two
    Yes, yes
    Hand me that file
    Let me light this shit up my nigga

    [Verse 1: Snoop Dogg]
    I gotta be, I gotta be a better me
    Top dog, whole ‘nother Pedigree
    Snoop Dogg, ain’t none of y’all ahead of me
    I’m all peace, no beef, so I’ma let it be
    Splitting backwards, sitting in front of a tree
    I’m thinking back, this is right where I wanted to be
    DPGC, feet in the sand as the dance on your TV
    Yeah, I make this shit look organic
    And this is from the most recognized on the planet
    Damn it, and you haters can’t stand it
    But can’t do nothing ’cause that’s just how I planned it
    Back to the back, can’t follow my rap maze
    Real hip hop come up out of them wack ways
    I see you niggas been brainwashed
    I’m cut from the cloth that is shit called hip hop
    Don’t stop, won’t stop, nigga we shell-shocked
    Slide in the six, oh that bitch is so hot
    Death Row Records, yeah dog, we twist ’em
    West Coast baby right back in your system
    [Chorus: October London]
    Been around the world
    But yet I never changed
    They know I’m just a touch away
    Just a touch
    Still in L.A (In L.A)
    And running everything, yeah
    Death Row is ’bout to change the game

    [Verse 2: Snoop Dogg]
    We ran a whole summer when the foam is sprayed
    From Def Jam back to this Death Row lane
    And now I’m in control so I call the shots
    I’m sitting at the table, I run my own label
    Groaner, owner, S-H-I-P
    Told you, showed you to follow my blueprints
    I see a lotta y’all tiptoeing my shoe-prints
    Walk that walk and that view is yours
    Two plus two plus three plus four
    Private jets, sunsets at the door
    Marble floors with pristine decor
    This is the life I chose, rock on the roll
    Pot full of gold, never sold my soul
    Stay suited and booted, keep it in the cut with me
    Just a touch away, that’s what you fuck with
    [Chorus: October London]
    Been around the world
    But yet I never changed
    They know I’m just a touch away
    Just a touch
    Still in L.A (In L.A)
    And running everything, yeah
    Death Row is ’bout to change the game

    [Outro: Snoop Dogg]
    Yeah, you better know it
    Death Row Records
    [?] tip over the metaverse
    So now we back in the universe
    Haha, Snoop Dogg
    Featuring October London
    My nigga Kenobi
    You better dig that
    Talk to ’em Freddie, yeah
    Like that
    We just a touch away, yeah
    We just a touch away
    We just a touch away
    We just a touch away

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    Queen Suigeneris
    Queen Suigeneris
    Based in Philadelphia, Queen Suigeneris is the Lead Writer for HipHopUntapped. She enjoys reading, poetry, and fashion.

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