A$ap Rocky Romantic Tribute To Rihanna In  “D.M.B.”  Music video

A$AP Rocky has been embroiled in a slew of conflicts in the wake of his recent arrest,

but the couple has remained strong and still in love.

Which fans can see in the video release of Rocky’s new track, “D.M.B.”

The rapper’s most recent song is a tribute to his child’s mother Rihanna.

The romantic music video delves into the couple’s start of their relationship,

Until they were sharing clothes and she was cooking for his friends.

The rapper also debuted the song’s official music video, which also features Rihanna.

The film contains casual photos of the couple strolling across New York City, 

including a few sequences previously leaked by paparazzi.

A$ap Rocky In the music video for his new single “D.M.B,” he proposes to his superstar-girlfriend Rihanna.

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