Cardi B and Tasha K 4 Million Dollar Lawsuit

Cardi B wins in defamation case against Tasha K. On several occasions, Tasha K can be heard trashing Cardi B‘s name, even taking shots at Cardi’s newborn.  It would seem as if she had personal issues with her, but there are no facts to reveal about the rants.

Cardi B was awarded $1 million in punitive damages. Tasha Ks’s company was ordered to pay the rapper an additional $500,000. Tasha will also reimburse Cardi for the rapper’s legal costs, adding $1,338,753.47 to the tab. There are now additional charges included after a federal court decision. The total has made it’s way to a whopping sum of 4 million dollars.

Tasha K says she’ll go to the Supreme Court over false claims she posted to YouTube.