J. Cole Fulfills A Promise By Attending The College Graduation Of A Super Fan

J.Cole, the Grammy-winning rapper, honored a devoted fan promise by attending her graduation at Rowan University on Wednesday.

Cole wrote to Bosarge that if she got into a four-year university,

he would attend her high school graduation.

Borsage was admitted into college, and J. Cole followed through on his pledge.

By attending Bosarge's high school graduation.

J. Cole first encountered Cierra Bosarge in 2013. She dialed a local radio station,

hoping that the J Cole would visit her school and wish her a "Happy Birthday."

Bosarge, who was still in high school at the time, received a call from Cole three months later.

Inviting her to see him in person. Bosarge started opening up,

about her background after receiving a letter from the Dreamville manager.

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