Kanye West Is Said To Have Been Dropped Off The Grammys' Lineup Of Performers

The 2022 64th Grammy Awards will be held on April 3rd, and Kanye West's name has apparently been deleted from the lineup of performers.

For his platinum album "Donda," Ye gained many nominations, such as Album of the Year and Best Rap Album.

Kanye West's team got a phone call from the Grammys, notifying them that  unfortunately the Ye had been removed off the artists' list.

Apparently this was due to “concerning online behavior”, said by a representative for Ye.

The rapper's expulsion is claimed to be due to his problematic social media activities.

As well as previous insults directed at Trevor Noah, who is hosting this year's Grammy Awards.

Ye, a 44-year-old rapper, has had his Instagram account suspended for 24 hours.

Content on the Can't Tell Me Nothing rapper's account was found to be in breach of the platform's regulations on "hate speech, bullying, and harassment," according to the site.

The comedian and host of The Daily Show, Trevor Noah, slammed West's comments about his ex-wife, Kim Kardashian.

West retaliated with a racist remark. After that, the post was removed. This resulted in Ye's removal from Instagram and the Grammys

Noah, who will host the Grammys, posted a nearly 10-minute video in which he expresses his desire for society to modify its attitude toward Kanye, Kardashian, and Pete Davidson, claiming the issue has become "more and more belligerent."

In an extensive IG statement, The Game, who previously partnered with Kanye West on the song "Eazy," ( On Mar 3, 2022, Kanye West released his new song "Eazy," which features The Game.

The video has received a lot of backlash previously due to it featuring a clay figure that looks like Pete Davidson being slaughtered by Ye. ) addressed the rapper's deletion.

“Time & time again they show us that they only want to STEAL the culture, not allow you to ever be their equals,” he wrote. “In a more than obvious move for reasons of minuscule actions….”

“The Grammys have at the last minute decided to pull @kanyewest from performing on the show as if we didn’t know it was coming.”

He continues “Could be because @trevornoah is hosting and there was a conversation held amongst his team & the academy that led to the decision or because Ye’s account was suspended”

“ Just days ago for reasons unknown, especially in a world where all the negativities of the world can be found on the same app with no repercussions or suspensions…”

“... We’ll just say it’s all of the above & a continuous disrespect for us & all that we have brought to the table in entertainment, media & sports over the last 100 years especially.”