Kota The Friend & Brianna Castro Release "Empty Cup" Music Video To Accompany His New "Memo" Album

If you haven’t got the memo yet, Kota The Friend, 

a multi-talented American rapper, singer and songwriter, 

has just dropped the catchy new track “Empty Cup.”

The singer-songwriter Brianna Castro, formerly known as 

Brianna Cash from North Philadelphia is also featured on the track. 

Kota The Friend’s latest single was released on July 8, 

along with his new album “Memo.”

Kota The Friend’s “Memo” is the third album to be released 

this year after “Lyrics To Go Vol. 3” in January.

The album not only includes Philly artist Brianna Castro it also 

includes Hello O’shay and Samuellimàta on some of the tracks.

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