Latto Praises Her “Big Energy” Peaking At No. 3 On Billboard Hot 100

Latto’s “Big Energy” is still ascending the Billboard charts, and it is now at No. 3 on the list.

The Clayton County-born rapper’s hit track was already high on the chart.

& had been rising on the Billboard Hot 100 prior to her releasing the “777” album, which debuted in March.

The single was sitting at No. 14 well before her album’s debut.

On Twitter Monday, April 4 2022 Latto went on Twitter to announce that the single “Big Energy” had moved up eight spots to No. 3. This is Latto’s first time in the top ten of the Hot 100.

“Thank you, God!….. Omg, I had a really good day today!!! PROUD OF ME!!!!!”  her tweet read.

“Thanks jackpots thanks lambs and last but definitely not least thank you Mariah!!! keep streaming!"

"And This was without a full tracking week! Wtf!!!!!” she continued.

“The internet will try to take ur happiness away from u and have u scared to celebrate all ur wins big or small…"

“ Man I came from nothing we celebrate EVERYTHING!!!!” she added in separate tweets.

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