Rapper Gifted Hands Released "My Heart Instead" After His Breakout Video "Why Not Start"

Many artists have let their circumstances either

encourage them or stop them from their dreams.

For Gifted Hands, he has let his experiences and 

downfalls motivate him to become a better person and artist.

Gifted Hands, born Immanuel Mitchell, Has been known for his positive and motivational music.

The  27-years old rapper is from Virginia Beach, Virginia.

The  27-years old rapper is from Virginia Beach, Virginia, and was born without hands.

Although he’s had many circumstances against him, he does not let anything get in his way.

As stated in many of his freestyles and singles,

like many others he has had many difficulties,

including being in his own way and the cause of his growth.

For example, in his new song “My Heart Instead” he talks 

about getting out of his own way and how it helped him to grow,

which he stated now makes him unstoppable.

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