Rihanna Reveals She's Having Her Second Child: Super Bowl LVII  2023

On Feburary 12, 2023  Kansas City Chiefs and the Philadelphia Eagles

battle for the super bowl 2023 championship at  

the State Farm Stadium, 1 Cardinals Drive. Glendale, AZ 85305 

Rihanna was headlined as the halftime performer for the game

There was rumors that Rihanna was going to reveal she had a tour, but unfortunately she did not.

Although she did not surprise fans with a tour or a new song, she offered another surprise.

During her performance many fans noticed the new baby bump covered by a red body suit, red velvet pants, and red oversized bomber jacket

Rihanna revealed she's pregnant during the super bowl !!!!

The performance was amazing, as per usual Rihanna vocals had fans and the audience screaming and excited. 

the game was amazing to watch as each team went head on back to back scoring.

The  Kansas City Chiefs beat the Philadelphia Eagles 38 to 35

Photos from Rihanna's Performance

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