Soulja Boy Criticizes Lil Durk, Rich The Kid, & Migos He Felt Taking For Granted When They Became Well-Known

The “Kiss Me Through The Phone” rapper has undoubtedly become well-linked with his trend,

"first rapper" allegations than his tendency for producing constant top chart tracks.

Nearly thirteen years following being the first rapper to become popular on YouTube. Nonetheless, his name is familiar in the hip-hop industry.

Particularly among new rappers who will leap at the chance to collaborate with him.

On Wednesday, March 30, 2022, Soulja Boy was ready to remind everyone about this in an angry statement.

To a few well-known hip hop artists with whom he collaborated prior to when they were even well-known.

Claiming that since they became famous celebrities, the majority of them seem to have not returned the favor.

“ I’m always working with an artist before they pop off." 

"Look at me and Migos, look at me and Rich The Kid, look at me and Mozzy, look at me and Lil B,”

“ Look at me and Riff Raff. I’m always doing a song,"

"with a n-gga before they get signed. Look at me and Lil Durk. I was on Lil Durk’s first mixtape.”

“ Look at me and Chief Keef. I do songs with all these n-ggas before they get famous.”

Soulja Boy then went on to say “Then once these n-ggas get famous, I can’t even get a song from these n-ggas no more, that’s crazy.

“But when ya’ll n-ggas was in the hood and ain’t nobody know who the fuck ya’ll was."

"I was doing songs with you n-ggas. Chief Keef, Lil Durk”

“ Migos, Famous Dex, Rich The Kid. Every other n-gga… when y’all n-ggas was unsigned I did a song with y’all.”

The 31-year-old rapper then continued to add “Soon as y’all got on, y’all n-ggas ain’t shout me out.”

“ Y’all n-ggas ain’t say ‘shout out to my n-gga Soulja for doing a verse for me’ know what I’m sayin’? N-ggas ain’t real, no cap.”