Since 2013, Stephen Curry and Under Armour have been partners

The American company wants to establish a lifelong partner with the star of the Golden State Warriors by offering him a huge deal.

With his current Under Armour contract expiring in 2024, his new deal is expected to last forever!

In 2013 Nike had completely underestimated his endorsement benefits, not only that they insulted and basically replaced him with Kyrie Irving and Anthony Davis.

Even though they promised him $2 million a season, Steph would be in charge at Under Armour. He was given the opportunity to be the face and leader of the entire company as well as his own shoe brand (which Nike wasn't able to offer him).

Stephen Curry has frequently been cited by the corporation CEO Kevin Plank as an example of the company's success, and Curry has been the centrepiece of the majority of the company's advertising.