The Game Says Give Him Eminem To Battle 50 Cent Can’t Rap

The Compton native The Game discussed why he rather battle Eminem on N.O.R.E. and DJ EFN's Drink Champs podcast.

Previously last month in a sneak peek for his upcoming feature on the Uproxx show Fresh Pair.

The Black Wall Street stated that he is a "better rapper" than the identity rap monarch 50 Cent.

While his remarks may very well had came across as absurd to certain hip hop enthusiasts.

The Game claims that he chose Eminem as his target since his most apparent opponent, longstanding rival 50 Cent, "can't rap."

"You want to know why I challenged Eminem to a Verzuz battle?”

"And so I gotta go a level up and challenge the better rapper."

When asked about parallels between the late Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan,

The Game responded,"I’ve always told myself that ‘you are the best rapper."

"Everything that we do, if you’re doing it on this level that we’re doing it at, is some type of competition.”

“Usain Bolt ain’t running around the track by himself in the Olympics. It’s n****s trying to beat him and he’s trying to beat somebody.”

Although discounting 50's rap abilities, The Game credited his longtime G-Unit manager for his accomplishment in the film business.

“G-Unit clothing got put in a casket with the entire group & you went into television…”

But stated the Power movie director is not compatible enough to him for them to have  a verse battle.

The Game stated that “At one point, I did [think Eminem was the best rapper] because I was signed to Aftermath and I’m loyal.

“& Interscope had me thinking that he was better than everybody else. At one point in my career.”

“ I was thinking that Em was better than Jay just based off of ‘Renegade’ because The Source magazine said that Eminem got Jay on that verse …”

“ Until I became a vet and a legend in this game.” he continued to state “And so now, this Game today and Em today …”

“ I’m better today. And if I’m not, get up and let’s rap! I ain’t come here to fight. Let’s rap. You did it with MGK,”

“ I’m better today. And if I’m not, get up and let’s rap! I ain’t come here to fight. Let’s rap. You did it with MGK,”

“ Why not do it with me? You did it with Mariah Carey, you did it with Nick Cannon.”

"LOL The man didn't even look at him," 50 Cent wrote alongside a video,

Interscope CEO Jimmy Iovine allegedly ignoring The Game at a previous Los Angeles Lakers game.

"Get this guy out of here 50 wrote the records. LMFAO,”50 caption continued.