The Weeknd Paid For A Fans Ticket To His Philadelphia Show After Postponing His Toronto Tour

This week, The Weeknd fulfilled the wishes of a young fan

when the singer's "After Hours Til Dawn" tour's Toronto date was cancelled.

When The Weeknd's "After Hours Til Dawn" tour's Toronto date was

postponed last-minute the July 8 event at Rogers Center due to a power outage

a 6-year-old boy was devastated. Phoenix Prince, a young boy

who was distraught by the news, was photographed outside the Rogers Centre 

wearing Abel's distinctive red suit jacket. 

The image quickly became popular and caught the attention of the Toronto singer.

Phoenix's father asked him what he might say to The Weeknd if they met,

and the youngster answered, “I would say that you’re the best artist and

 it's indeed what took place. Phoenix and Blake were flown by the

singer to the Philadelphia show for his tour, where Phoenix had the chance

to connect with his music icon and also received an autograph for his famous red outfit.

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