Wiz Khalifa Responds to Fans Who May Anticipate Putting Their Hands On Him

Many folks would go to any length for online popularity, which may include hopping on a trending topic.

However, anyone considering approaching Wiz Khalifa and throwing him the Will Smith smack should think twice.

As the controversy over The Fresh Prince smacking Chris Rock in the face at the 2022 Oscars lingered on, As of last weekend, celebrities, particularly comedians,

were on guard (fear of canceled culture) as they spoke out about being "traumatized" by Will Smith's slap on Chris Rock.

Previously Smith apologized for his behavior on the Oscars stage, which is unlike anything that has ever transpired at the Academy Awards.

However, his adversaries and the Academy aren't satisfied, and the board has released a letter,

stating that disciplinary action against the Fresh Prince legend is being considered.

stating that disciplinary action against the Fresh Prince legend is being considered.

Chris Rock told a sold-out Boston audience last night March 30 2022,

that he is "still kind of processing what happened"

Also that he might discuss the event properly at a later point in time.

Wiz Khalifa, however, has taken to the stage to give a warning to those getting ideas.

Wiz Khalifa offered a serious message warning to anyone who might have gained inspiration after seeing Will Smith.

Smack Chris Rock for making fun of his wife Jada Pinkett's alopecia while speaking to the crowd on stage.

Wiz Khalifa hosted a premiere party for his brand new documentary Still Rolling Papers in Los Angeles on Tuesday night March 29, 2022.

A video of Wiz performing has gone viral on social media, and within the clip, 

the rapper expresses his displeasure at storming to the stage to pull funny antics for clout.

“Thank y’all for coming out. If anybody tries to walk up here and slap me, you will get shot.”

“I’m just letting you know right now. Breeze keep the blicky," he said in the description of the video via Instagram.

Referring to his long time safety officer who has been tasked with keeping wild Wiz fans in control.

Several celebrities have expressed fear about personal safety when performing stand-up comedy.

This is leading to many comedy facilities having reportedly chosen to improve security, according to reports.

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