Snoop Dogg & October London Released "Death Row Summer " Single "Touch Away"

Snoop Dogg has returned with a whole new album and a vintage West Coast preview.

Snoop Dogg's impact and significance as an artist are indisputable as one of the rappers,

who popularized West Coast rap in the 1990s and took it to a global reach.

Snoop Dogg had accomplished it all, from legendary tracks to brand deals such as 7-Eleven,

Adidas, Chrysler, Colt 45 EA Sports, and expertise in monitoring the recent,

hip-hop business moves, such as taking over the NFT world along with the MetaVerse.

Last year's BODR  (an abbreviation for Bacc On Death Row), had big name features,

such as DaBaby, Nas, Nate Dogg, Lil Duva, The Game, T.I., Wiz Khalifa,  Uncle Murda,  and Sleepy Brown.

October London, R&B vocalist, and longtime Snoop Dogg music colleague.

You can listen to some of their previous hits such as “Coming Back” “Go On," “Snoopy Don’t Do,”

"Revolution," “Last name,”  "In the Name of Jesus,”  and “Waves.”

October London has collaborated with Snoop Dogg on a new song titled "Touch Away."

In the new track "Touch away Snoop Dogg reflects on his influence and his smart

entrepreneurial business moves inclinations over a Dr. Bombay, Kanobby, and Soopafly West Coast soundtrack.

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