The Weeknd Teams Up With cryptocurrency Exchange Binance For The World’s First “Crypto-Powered” Tour

The Weeknd has teamed up with cryptocurrency 

Binance to launch the “After Hours Til Dawn” Tour,

which will be the first global tour to use Web3 advanced technologies.

On June 2, 2022, The Weeknd’s “After Hours Til Dawn” tour was

announced that they would be sponsored by Binance.

Which is the global blockchain platform powering 

the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, such as bitcoin and many others.

Binance has teamed with creative incubator HXOUSE on an exclusive NFT line and co-branded goods for

The Weeknd’s gigs as the official partner of the tour, which begins off in July.

According to their PRNewswire statement, virtual ticket stubs

will also enable guests with accessibility to special NFTs which provide “unique experiences” to fans.

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