Young Thug’s Road To Fame As Well As Recent  Arrest & Conviction Will Be In A Documentary and podcast series

A docuseries and podcast on Young Thug’s journey to popularity and the 

current trial on RICO charges in Atlanta are being produced by 

Jigsaw Productions, Alex Gibney’s company, and Rolling Stone Films.

Since Young Thug was detained some time ago and is currently being 

held without bond, the YSL RICO case involving him is still being looked into.

The docuseries and accompanying podcast about Young Thug, actual 

name Jeffrey Williams, and his YSL empire, will be produced by Alex 

Gibney’s Jigsaw Productions and Rolling Stone Films.

Executive producers Gus Wenner, CEO of Rolling Stone, and Jason Fine, 

SVP of Rolling Stone Films, are in charge of both Young Thug-related projects.

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