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Hiphop Untapped
Hip Hop Untapped

Hip Hop Untapped: Dedicated to providing the latest hip hop news, entertainment, fashion, events, sports and much more.

Hip Hop Untapped was Founded By Byron L Frazier Jr. in 2020.

Hip Hop Untapped mission is to influence the creativity, connection, and publicity of artist and their fans. The mission is to create a platform that provides factual information that is not biased or opinionated. Provides new ways for fans to interact with their favorite artist. Hip Hop Untapped vision is to create a space for artists to produce and release their work to their fans in a budget-friendly way. Creating a platform that provides informative details, allowing artists’ creativity to be released in a new form, promoting artists through content and events, connecting fans to create a new way to bond with their favorite artist without all the complications of biased Information and lack of accessibility.