Google Launches $75M AI Opportunity Fund and AI Essentials Course To Help People of Color, Veterans, Latinx, Indigenous, and People with Disabilities

    Tech giant Google is making some big moves, even in the midst of lay-offs and the rapid rise of AI. But it’s not all about profits. They’re putting their money where their mouth is when it comes to diversity and training.

    Google just dropped $3 billion into upgrading their internet infrastructure in the U.S., with their new fund investment called the “AI Opportunity Fund.” They’re also investing $75 million into their new Google AI Essentials Course. It will be for Black people, Latinx, Indigenous, AAPI folks, people with disabilities, those living in disadvantage areas, and veterans.

    These initiatives serve as a testament to Google’s enduring mission of organizing global information and making it universally accessible and useful. Developed by leading AI experts at Google, the Google AI Essentials Course offers foundational skills in AI, empowering workers across various industries to utilize AI tools effectively. Priced at $49.00, the course aims to enhance productivity and decision-making while fostering economic opportunities for individuals and communities alike.

    Central to Google’s operations are its data centers, which serve as the backbone for its products and services, including Google Search, YouTube, and Maps. With a commitment to driving AI innovation, Google is investing $3 billion to expand its data center campuses in Virginia and Indiana. An additional $1 billion will be allocated to enhance existing data center campuses in Virginia, bringing the total investment in the state to over $4 billion. In the Midwest, Google plans to invest $2 billion in establishing a new data center campus in Fort Wayne, Indiana. These investments are poised to meet the increasing demands of users and support future AI developments such a as the courses.

    In line with its commitment to fostering growth and opportunity, Google’s AI Opportunity Fund aims to train one million Americans from diverse backgrounds in AI skills. Through partnerships with nonprofits, educational institutions, and other sectors, Google seeks to provide access to AI training at no cost or a low fee. The Google AI Essentials Course, developed in collaboration with Grow, Google, and Google’s Research, Technology & Society team, equips participants with foundational AI skills and promotes responsible AI usage.

    The course, participants will learn essential skills and gain the ability to integrate AI knowledge into their daily routines. As outlined in the course description, learners will be equipped with the know-how to utilize generative AI tools effectively. This includes fostering creativity in idea generation and content creation, making informed decisions, and streamlining everyday tasks. Importantly, the course emphasizes responsible AI usage. Additionally, participants will develop strategies to stay abreast of the evolving AI landscape, ensuring they remain current and relevant in their understanding and application of AI technology.

    Google’s efforts extend beyond nonprofit collaborations, with partnerships forged with employers and educational institutions to expand AI skilling programs. Collaborations with organizations like Citigroup and Miami Dade College aim to broaden the reach of these initiatives. Furthermore, the Institute for Veterans and Military Families (IVMF) will provide the AI Essentials Course to over 1,800 veterans and military families, while also enrolling more than 2,000 participants in Google’s Cybersecurity Certificate program. Goodwill, a longstanding partner of Google in providing digital skills programs, will continue to offer AI training and the AI Essentials Course to local communities, benefiting individuals with disabilities, older workers, and others.

    In the face of ongoing technological advancements and workforce challenges, Google’s commitment to innovation, inclusion, and skill development remains unwavering. Through strategic investments, partnerships, and initiatives, Google endeavors to empower individuals and communities while driving progress in the field of AI (artificial intelligence).

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