Ab-Soul Teases New Project with Mad Men-Inspired Instagram Post

    Ab-Soul, the talented rapper hailing from Carson, CA, has once again ignited excitement among fans with a cryptic Instagram post, signaling the possibility of new music on the horizon. Taking his project rollout to a cleverly meta level, Ab-Soul shared a screenshot from an account named “prepschoolstreetteam,” accompanied by a witty reference to the marketing strategies of major labels.

    In the post, a photoshopped image features Don Draper from the renowned series Mad Men, standing beside an easel with a sign that humorously advises, “Archive all your old Instagram posts one week before the first single.” The caption accompanying the image reads, “The fans will never see this coming,” followed by Ab-Soul’s own commentary, a simple yet intriguing, “WELP…”

    True to the instructions outlined in the post, Ab-Soul promptly proceeded to scrub his Instagram account clean, removing all previous posts and even his profile photo, leaving fans speculating about the imminent arrival of new music.

    This teaser comes amidst previous promises of new releases from the enigmatic rapper. Last year, there were talks of a deluxe version of his 2022 album, “HERBERT,” and whispers of an entirely new album slated for release by the end of 2023. However, neither the deluxe edition nor its successor materialized, despite hints of involvement from basketball icon LeBron James.

    In an intriguing development, Ab-Soul shared a clip featuring himself and LeBron James conversing backstage at the Arena. In the video, Ab-Soul broached the topic of James potentially taking on an executive role for his upcoming project, to which LeBron enthusiastically agreed, offering his services as an A&R for the album.

    Meanwhile, Ab-Soul has been actively engaging with fans and enthusiasts of hip-hop culture in unconventional ways. Last year, he partnered with Mickey Factz’s Pendulum Ink academy to offer an online course where he delved into his unique approach to songwriting. The interactive course provided participants with invaluable insights into Ab-Soul’s creative process, allowing them to gain a deeper understanding of how he navigates between appealing to both Golden Era aficionados and contemporary audiences.

    As anticipation continues to build, fans eagerly await further announcements from Ab-Soul, hoping that this latest teaser will indeed culminate in the long-awaited release of new music. With his blend of lyrical prowess and innovative storytelling, Ab-Soul remains a captivating figure in the ever-evolving landscape of hip-hop.

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