Kevin Gates Drops “I Don’t Hit It With The Fork”

    Kevin Gates has a new song out shortly following dropping his album Khaza.

    On July 3rd, he posted the brand-new song “I Don’t Hit It With The Fork” to his YouTube page. The title of the song is “I Don’t Hit It With The Fork” and clearly, everyone is trying to who it’s about as well as the lyrics and their meaning.

    Kevin Gates-HipHopUntapped

    Kevin Gates passionately and effortlessly shows his poetic abilities over a soundtrack by Struis and 58 Gang. The rapper from Baton Rouge discusses his personal life, his prior relationships, and his current ones.

    Kevin Gates-HipHopUntapped

    It’s obvious that he’s upset and angry with a woman who has wronged him in the past; in this situation, Dreka is most likely the target prior to them making back up. It’s likely that the new song is for the project’s upcoming deluxe.

    Kevin Gates-HipHopUntapped

    Kevin Gates “I Don’t Hit It With The Fork” Lyrics:

    Call MAC100it, you heard me? (58 present the gang)
    Khaza (Deluxe) on the way, you heard me?
    Out my mind right now
    I don't wan' talk, b****
    Hurt people, hurt people
    And I'm destroyed on the inside
    I'm droppin' the raw in her jaw
    Watchin' it melt to the [?]
    Same water from the bowl
    [Verse 1]
    Bustin' the [?] the [?]
    Eatin' crap on the package
    Get it in, get it off (Doo)
    Breadwinner, I'm a don
    Slum Lord in the slums
    Grab the towel, put the towel down
    Fingertip the Pyrex
    Hmm, I'ma lift it with my palm
    Mini kitchen out the farm
    I'm receivin' in the blogs
    Trap girl lookin' on the stove cookin'
    She think it's cute when I wiggle my arms (Ayy)
    General snitched, [?] dick in my shorts
    Takin' my lick, I don't know how to talk (I talk)
    Nothing like them, I don't know what you saw
    Hmm, I don't hit it with the fork
    Excuse me, I'm lit, I'm collectin' my thoughts
    I'm pressure, and please don't expect me to call
    Shawty bend over, she makin' it arch
    I'm deep in her stomach, I'm makin' it fart
    Supplyin' that lumber, she told me she love me
    I go get the money, I don't get involved
    Sluttie, she thuggin' with me and my dawgs
    She loyal, so she 'bout to get it, on God
    Pop Smoke with it, real dope dealer
    Know that if I give a call, then, it's war
    Bricks and the heroine, makin' them knaw
    Deliverin' the issue [?]
    I was hoppin' the booker [?]
    Hit with the [?]
    Sixty-three grams with two in the quarter, Lord
    I don't hit it with the fork
    Ayy, Gates, I love you homie
    You ought to make [?]
    When I hit your boy with the knife
    [?] and his brain got taken, you know
    La Rasa
    Let's get it
    [Verse 2]
    Hmm, I'm a big speaker, I'm really retarded
    Say I'm a big ego, I'm [?]
    Switch on a b****, get a binary trigger
    But you ain't know that 'cause you fakin' and flodgin'
    Pay for the order, they crossin' the border
    But shoutout t
    o Florida, we posted in Georgia
    Went to Jamaica, we hangin' with gangsta
    But they thought that we went to play in the water
    Mixtape droppin', called, "I love my plug"
    He love that I'm datin' his daughter
    Columbian bricks in a secret compartment
    Cuban cigars and s***, [?]
    Movin' too fast, how you end up a target
    Went slow so I beat up a [?], so, I move like a tortoise
    Hellcat, vroom, I put it in throttle
    Fresh out the car, like nothin', I'm dodgin'
    I'm a hell of a artist
    In San Diego and I'm in a charger
    Whoever wan' purchase a feature from me, it ain't free
    I'm a street n****, I gotta charge you
    Whoever wan' beef with the king, to proceed you, immediately, you in a coffin
    Khaza (Deluxe) on the way, tell the label they get in the way
    I'ma drop it tomorrow
    No longer get in my feelings
    I'm like Bryson Tiller, I'm sorry
    I am not sorry
    Big booty b**** [?]
    Look at that a** like Ari
    Yeah, you ain't got extended
    Give me somethin' else to punch on
    Wagwan, General

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    Queen Suigeneris
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